The First Post From Down Under

And a new phase, again, has started now that I am reunited with my family and we are all together on our way to become Aussies in a couple of years hopefully.

One of my first steps, after having got settled down, was to join the Australian HR Institute to achieve a number of professional, and potentially social, goals. And in the articles I was reading today from the digest they send to my email was something interesting.

Not only they stated in the first article that according to the findings of one of the top universities here in Australia that Soft Skills are still in demand, and they are the skills that will be most needed in the future. But also that there is still a huge gap between what the recruiters are looking for and what job seekers are offering when it comes to those skills.

This is were the second article I read offered something even more interesting, and that is about what solutions could be out there that can help not only the job seekers but also recruiters in identifying the right candidates with the needed behavioral competences. And that is mainly through psychometric assessments and game-driven recruitment. And they talked about this small company in Brisbane that competed with world players in this field offering a game called ‘Cognify’, “that uses game-based design thinking, backed by psychometric science, to provide candidates and employers with what they consider a vastly improved assessment experience.”

This has taken me back more than 8 years in time when I was still in the UK completing my MBA degree and we used this game as a way to learn about entrepreneurship. A game that I bought and took back home and kept playing for a while thinking about the future of gamification in the professional world.



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